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​Custom Tattoos
We provide custom drawn tattoos. If you have an idea of what you want one of our artist will be able to collaborate all your ideas and put together a tattoo piece you will love.

Ink'd Professional Tattoo Studio Services
We are a a one stop studio. When it comes to body modifications there is very little out there we cannot and do not do. We have been providing San Antonio with professional tattoos, piercings, dermals and body mods since 2009.
Black Light Tattoos
​We are one of the only  tattoo studios in San Antonio that offer and specialize in black light tattoos. Black light tattoos are only visible under UV light and cannot be seen during the day. Black light ink come in all colors and also contain many of the same pigments as regular tattoo ink. The black light ink is a bit expensive so most black light tattoos are a little bit more than regular tattoos.
Permanent Make up/ Scar cover up
Ink'd professional tattoo studio also offers permanent make up and scar cover up. From eyebrows, eyelids to lips and beauty marks. We also perform tattoo scar cover up from c section to surgery scar cover up. Permanent make up is a service you will not find in most tattoo shops or studios. 

​One of our other specialties is micro dermal anchors. One small incision is made in the skin then we pop in the dermal anchor. Most dermal anchors are placed on the chest, back dimples, under the eye and mostly anywhere else.